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eAnalytics specializes in environmental testing

for a variety of organic and inorganic

contaminants in water, soil and air samples.

One of our main endeavors as a laboratory

is to assist the regional environmental

consultants in their effort to assess and

remediate fuel contamination from leaky

underground storage tanks.  

Groundwater is the source of drinking water

for nearly half of all Americans.  Helping to protect that valuable resource is very important to all of us at eAnalytics.  We are dedicated to working in partnership with the Colorado OPS (Oil & Public Safety) Program and others like it.

We employ standardized methods for

analyzing bacterial presence in sanitary water

systems and food and beverage products and

production facilities.

The timely detection and enumeration of

microbiological organisms in food are critical

for quality control of food production.

At eAnalytics, we perform both Qualitative

Pathogen Testing and Quantitative Plate Count methods using state-of-the-art technology.

Chemical Analysis

Microbiology Testing

Welcome to eAnalytics Laboratory!

eAnalytics is an analytical testing laboratory focused on personalized service and quality results. We specialize in testing services for the Environmental and the Food & Beverage industries.


Our mission is to provide excellent data quality, personal customer service, and quick turnaround times at competitive prices.


eAnalytics is a laboratory staffed by

experienced Analytical Chemists, Biologists,

and Quality Assurance professionals that

are focused on customer service. Our staff

has over 25 years of experience in 

environmental and analytical laboratories.

We have extensive experience in chemical and microbiological analysis, and handling challenging matrices or sample types. Our experience encompasses a variety of analytical instrumentation, EPA Methods, Standard Methods, AOAC and ASTM methods, data analysis and client consultation.

Staff and Capabilities


Our laboratory is located in Loveland Colorado, just off I-25 at the Crossroads exit.  In most circumstances, we provide free courier service for clients along the Front Range (from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins) and in the Grand Junction area. Otherwise, shipping is the preferred method of transporting samples.  The lab address for shipping is:

eAnalytics Laboratory

4130 Clydesdale Parkway

Loveland CO 80538


Bottle Order Form


To place a bottle order, or contact us with a question, please fill out the fields below and click Send. Remember to provide the following information:

  • Quantity and matrix type of samples

  • Analysis required

  • Date the sampling supplies are needed

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